Europe 2020 🠞

Europe  2020  🠞🠞🠞

Lithuania in the last light of the day - the River Nemen with Russia's Kaliningrad and the Curonian Lagoon in the distance

The River Nemen, Lithuania

1000 hours on the Pilatus PC12 - and loving every minute !

Landing in EGKB Biggin Hill, London, UK

Artistic apron lights in LBWN Varna, Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria's colourful terminal

Delivering spare parts to LSZH Zurich, Switzerland
Warsaw city centre

About to pass over Babice airport on a visual approach to Warsaw Chopin

Charcoal sketch effect of our landing in Warsaw

Our Pilatus PC12/45 in the sunshine on the EPWA Warsaw apron

Departing LSZH Zurich, Switzerland after a long day

Following an interesting contrail

Račice, Czech Republic - the River Elbe and Labe Arena

Reflections - approach lights off our nose landing in Warszawa

Reflections - moonlight off our wing over Moldova

Reflections - sunset over the Siekierkowski bridge across the Vistula River  THANKS KAROL 

Santorini in the Sea of Crete

The sun trying to get thru over Serbia

Cottonwood Poplar tree seeds covering the city on a windy day 

....when you really do want a hair in your food 

Basel city centre and the River Rhine 

Landing in Gdansk 

Lightning in the distance 

Today's aircraft with 100+ year old hangar GREAT PHOTO BY KAROL

All that remained of a Sparrow Hawk that went thru our prop during the landing in Hamburg, Germany

Dawn departure from Konstancin-Jeziorna airstrip, Poland

Dawn departure from Konstancin-Jeziorna airstrip, Poland

Approaching LGKR Kerkyra Corfu, Greece with our Engineer and spare parts for a B737 with a technical problem

Departing LGKR Kerkyra Corfu, Greece having delivered our Engineer and spare parts for the B737 on the apron

The repair must have worked as the B737 passed us over Slovenia beating us back to Warsaw

Another visit to the maintenance base at Konstancin-Jeziorna airstrip, Poland

Turning final at Konstancin-Jeziorna airstrip, Poland

Our landing at Konstancin-Jeziorna was observed from a circling helicopter

Summer scene at Konstancin-Jeziorna

Summer scene at Konstancin-Jeziorna

Returning from Italy to Poland we stayed [ low ] at 18,000 ft to avoid strong headwinds and got a great view of the Austrian Alps VIDEO

Wet on our return to Warszawa

Ending 2020 with a blast from the past - Malawi 32 kg ago
Warsaw EPWA RWY33 in poor visibility after breaking cloud at 200 ft
Alps in the dusk after departing LFSB Basel
Swiss Alps in the last light of the day
Nice to see other traffic over Europe
Ice on the weather radar from the spray off the prop after an approach in icing ...light from my flashlight gives the blue tinge
Propeller spray ice on the winglet melting on the ground in Warsaw
Testing (playing with) the oxygen mask microphone
Accretion on the spinner after an approach in moderate icing
On final approach to runway 30 at ENRY Rygge, Norway
Reflections in Norway
Seen over Warsaw - contrail slicing thru a cloud layer to reveal dark cloud behind
Nearing runway 23 at LFKF Figari on Corsica after a turbulent approach
Picturesque Corsica
Came across this photo of my last flight in M-IRTH, arriving in EGHH Bournemouth in 2017  
Nice to see other traffic over Europe - UPS Boeing 747 over Slovenia

Passenger Briefing during COVID-19 - if I hear you cough I will depressurise the cabin !
Picturesque Moravská Třebová LKMK airfield in the Czech Republic
A lone poppy holds vigil near the Moravská Třebová airstrip
Fun with the webcam at LKMK Moravská Třebová, Czech Republic seen in the OPS Room in Warsaw
Selfie thru the reflection off the weather radar radome
A superb series of images by photographer Josef at LKMK Moravská Třebová
Landscape reflection off our PC12 captured by photographer Josef at Moravská Třebová, Czech Republic
OPS Room in Warsaw following our taxi to the runway via webcam at LKMK Moravská Třebová
Lifting off from Moravská Třebová ( děkuji fotograf Josef )
Lifting off from Moravská Třebová ( děkuji fotograf Josef )
Departing LKMK Moravská Třebová ( děkuji fotograf Josef )
Localised deluge from a thunderstorm over Warsaw, Poland
Manoeuvring around that thunderstorm on approach to Warsaw
ISS seen from my balcony in a 4 second timelapse compilation as it passes over Warsaw. It was over Kazakhstan when it faded into the Earth's shadow
The River Danube by Nagymaros and Visegrad, Hungary
The Danube and city seen on approach to LHBP Budapest, Hungary
Colourful Budapest
Passing the Nieuwe Meer on approach to EHAM Amsterdam, Netherlands
Short finals for RWY 22 at EHAM Schiphol, Amsterdam
Nice photo by an enthusiast of our landing back in EPWA Warsaw, Poland
Space action over Warszawa - 4 second timelapse over 9 minutes.  The bright one is the ISS, followed underneath 50 seconds later by the Japanese HTV-9 unmanned supply ship with a bonus satellite coming from behind the flat
View from the apron in Warsaw - Russian Antonov 124 bringing in supplies from China
An enthusiast got this nice shot of us landing in EPGD Gdansk, Poland
Positioning to the Maintenance Base at Konstancin-Jeziorna : a 6 minute flight from Warsaw along the Vistula River
Crossing the Vistula on finals for the grass airstrip at Konstancin-Jeziorna (visible beside the red dot in the right front windscreen)
Karczew - Konstancin Ferry on the Vistula
Still from a phone video of the landing at the Maintenance Base in Konstancin
The Maintenance Base is entered via a road and the driveway
A tight squeeze into the driveway of the Maintenance Base in Konstancin
Entering the Maintenance Base at Konstancin-Jeziorna
Compilation of multiple photos of the ISS passing below the moon over Warsaw - won 2nd prize in the company photo competition
Spring colours in Warsaw
Sunset reflections at EDDB Berlin Schönefeld, Germany

Aviation reality during the pandemic - the only other traffic we saw during that hour

Wind Farm in the English Channel

Eye catching sandbank in the Thames Estuary

A deserted EHAM Amsterdam Schiphol seen thru the haze in passing from 27,000 ft

An equally hazy and deserted EGLL London Heathrow 

Visual approach into EGGD Bristol, UK

Departing EGGD Bristol, UK - parked fleet

Creepy photo of the sun reflecting off an adjacent apartment in Warsaw

EPWA Warsaw, Poland ...parked fleet

EPWA Warsaw - strange feeling being the only aircraft moving

Unusually clear picture of Warsaw city - the company flat is on the bottom left

Super moon rising over Warsaw

"You left your passport WHERE ???"

Hazy but interesting - the River Elbe south of Arneburg which was the border between the old East and West Germanies

East of Berlin ...difficult to see Neuhardenberg Marxwalde Airport surrounded by solar panels

Poznan, Poland seen from 25,000 ft

Europe COVID-19 : what happens when the Air Traffic Controller hears you cough...

Taking off from Warsaw EPWA RWY33 on a sunny day

EPKT Katowice, Poland on a rainy day
COVID-19 : strange to be the only aircraft moving at major airports

COVID-19 : empty skies allow Air Traffic Control to issue long 'Direct To' routings, from the UK coast across 4 countries to the start of the approach in Warsaw - 642 NM is a personal record

Woken up at 3 AM by blinding light and screeching noise as they work on Warsaw's tram rails

Hours later they were still at it I caught the sunrise

COVID-19 : a lone contrail over the Czech Republic, normally one of the busy corridors with traffic to/from the East

What it looked like a few months ago

Turning towards EDDF Frankfurt, Germany

On approach to EDDF Frankfurt - the Rhine

COVID-19 : just a few of Lufthansa's grounded fleet

Dawn arrival delivering crew to LEMG Malaga, Spain

LEMG Malaga - company aircraft departing in the dawn

Departing Malaga - after a few hours sleep

ISS seen from the company flat in Warsaw - 4 second timelapse before it disappeared in earth's shadow

Western Ukraine, south of Lviv enroute to Greece

Catching the last of the sun taxying out at LGSM Samos, Greece

In shadow by the time we lined up for departure at LGSM Samos, with the Turkish mainland close on the horizon

Sunset and windscreen combined over Northern Greece

Venus stayed with us in the Western sky for four hours

Sofia, Bulgaria seen from 28,000 ft

A clear night and RWY33 at EPWA Warsaw

COVID-19 : what has become routine disinfecting between flights

An enthusiast caught us landing last summer

EPWA Warsaw, Poland ...interesting wide angle lens distortion while landing long on Runway 33 (the one on the right)

On descent into London as the sun tries to get through

Landing on RWY11 at  EPWA Warsaw in light rain