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Lesson of the Day : I have no words to title this one.
One morning in Papua I woke up with a blocked nose and some pressure in my sinus so before showering I decided to sit under my towel and inhale some menthol crystals dissolved in hot water.
With a clear head I enjoyed the shower.
Then ....I used the same towel to dry ....transferring the menthol crystals which had been steamed into the towel to every part of my body.   'Hot Flush' does not begin to describe the sensation ....and 10 seconds later I was back under the shower.
Having had only one towel in the room I had to air dry before getting dressed.

Lesson of the Day : watch what you put in your pocket.
Papua  :  I was collecting seashells during our visit to the beach, storing them in my trouser pocket until …the hermit crab still resident in one of the shells did not appreciate this …taking further umbrage to being launched from my pocket to land 6 meters further down the beach …fearlessly making threat displays and mock attacks on the toes of my Indonesian colleagues …who thought it was all the funniest thing they had ever seen !

Lesson of the Day : don't order the same smoothie twice.
Nabire, Papua  :  If you have really enjoyed a mango smoothie and want to repeat the experience ...wait until tomorrow. The first one you get is multiple mangoes blended to perfection ...thick with pure fruit and a little ice.   If you order a second one it will be whatever-mango-is-left bulked up with water and lot's of ice ...a watery disappointment which I have fallen for three times already.

Lesson of the Day : watch how you scratch.   Nabire, Papua  :  You buy a scratchcard voucher to top up your mobile’s credit ….scratch the card and the code appears ….scratch too hard and some of the code disappears.   Did that with an IDR 100,000 voucher (GB£ 6) which over here is the heftiest top up you can buy ….totally scratched out 2 digits ….and had to spend 45 minutes trying combinations before it worked.

Lesson of the Day  :  gentle slapping is good. Papua  :  at night, when the mosquito that has been buzzing around your ear finally pushes you beyond all reason and you slap your own head …be gentle. I got the mosquito but hit myself so hard that I took a sharp intake of breath …sucking the little b%£$&d up my nose as he tumbled down from my forehead.

Lesson of the Day  :  Don't get distracted when changing clothes. Jakarta, Indonesia  :  Back in the room and desperate to change into my shorts, I got distracted by a phone call ...afterwards I put on my running shoes and t-shirt and went upstairs to the rooftop cafe...in my boxers. My normal shorts must look pretty stupid because nobody noticed the difference ...although they did look surprised when I headed back to my room without ordering my usual iced tea.

Lesson of the Day  :  Don't sit directly under the aircon vent. The air is so humid here that there is always a buildup of condensation....which drips.

Lesson of the Day  :  Think before you drink !    Jakarta, Indonesia  :  Because I appreciate a good cup of coffee it was suggested I try the uniquely Indonesian Kopi Luwak, “the most expensive coffee in the world”.      Paid an outrageous IDR102,000 and drank half the cup before reading the info card .
BTW…I have tasted better coffee.

Lesson of the Day : if you are going on a short taksi journey in Jakarta do not ask the hotel to phone for a taksi. There is a minimum charge of IDR40,000 for a phone booking ....which I had to pay for a 10 minute IDR17,000 journey !