Indo Tour 8

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PK-LTF seen from another Caravan as we passed in the Freeway
Any shade, no matter how temporary, is welcome in Sinak
Interesting pic taken by our Engineer Meli
So far it has not been a good year ...and these are not all
Knock off pizza in Timika (
What happens when you ask for a 'Small Pizza' at Papa Ron's
Pitot tube view of finals 34 at Nabire
Whyyyyy ?     Why do that to a sock ?     It was innocent !
Still from Camcorder - landing at Bilorai as the cloud moved in video
GoPro wide snapshot - rolling out at a wet and cloudy Bilorai video
GoPro wideangle snapshot - departing Bilorai 
GoPro wide snapshot - our man in Bilorai was impressed ! video
'Sop' for dinner by candlelight in a 'warung' (roadside eatery)
Distributing souvenirs from the UK - note the one in line drinking my coffee 
Action around WABI Nabire - 200 NM south of the equator video
Action around WABI Nabire
Action around WABI Nabire - 200 NM south of the equator video
" Don't worry  -  be happy "
...miss the tree    ...miss the tree    ...miss the tree     ...tree !
WABI Nabire - the jungle starts 1 NM from the runway
WABI Nabire - 200 NM south of the equator
WABI Nabire - WingsAir ATR
WABI Nabire - derelict LET410 being consumed by the jungle
Action around WABI Nabire - 200 NM south of the equator video
Spirit Avia Sentosa SAS Co-pilots at the end of their training
There is nothing out of the ordinary about this photo
Departing WABI Nabire
Trip to the km22 waterfall in the Karadiri Plantation video
km22 waterfall - at least 100 ft from top pool to bottom pool via 35 steps
Karadiri km22 waterfall running over soft limestone - totally non-slip and no sharp edges
Looking down from the top pool video
AsianOneAir crew ...the pool was deep enough to swim in
Shiny new Emergency Vehicle at Bilorai ...all part of the continuing development
Another trip to see the Whale Sharks in a murky Cenderawasih Bay
This one recently had his GPS tracker replaced
Going through the Jila Pass at 12,000 ft enroute to Sinak from Timika
First revenue flight into the new runway at Sinak - a glorious 747 m long !
Villagers beside the new runway at Sinak
First revenue flight into Sinak
GoPro Wide ...ground crew in Nabire
Start of Tour 8 - strange things happen when you hang a GoPro off the end of an aircraft
Taking advantage of a clear calm day we took a small detour around the Puncak Jaya , Carstensz Glacier , the East Peak and Grasberg Mine
Approaching the summit of Carstensz Mountain from the west at 16,000 ft
Puncak Jaya , Carstensz Glacier and the East Peak
The East Peak with its small glacier
Glacial pools on the summit of Carstensz Mountain
Carstensz Mountain
Carstensz Glacier
Carstensz Glacier
Heading west towards the Grasberg Mine
The Grasberg Mine
The Grasberg Mine
Grasberg Mine
The Grasberg Mine with the Puncak Jaya, Glacier and East Peak in the background
Descending through 15,500 ft heading south towards Timika (just visible beyond the river on the horizon)
Loading my first commercial load out of Timika on the new General Aviation Apron in sweltering 42 degree heat
A typical sight : tin roof, some things for sale on a mat beside the path ...and a rusty satellite dish

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