Indo Tour 1 - 2

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Dubai-Glasgow via Iran and Russia to avoid Ukraine...mountains north-east of Tehran
Dubai-Glasgow via Iran and Russia to avoid Ukraine...mountains north-east of Tehran
Koteka - now I know I am in Papua
Rhino Beetle assisting with loadsheet
Trip to Nisa beach - roadside snackbar offering fruit bat and lemur
Nisa beach - an hour's drive North of Nabire
Nisa beach
Nisa beach - mangroves and the jungle
Nisa beach
Nisa beach - coral reef 50 m from the shore
Nisa beach - coral reef 50 m from the shore... waterproof camera now on the wishlist
Nisa beach
Nisa beach
Nisa beach - sea cucumber
Nisa beach flora
Nisa beach
Papua highlands - raging river, jungle and landslides
Gold mining on the Siriwo River
Bilogai WABV - Ramli, who keeps us safe at this challenging 600 m long (6960 ft elevation) airstrip
Nabire - 69th Merdeka Decorations
Nabire - 69th Merdeka Decorations
Nabire - 69th Merdeka Decorations
Nabire - 69th Merdeka Decorations
Nabire - 69th Merdeka Decorations
Nabire - 69th Merdeka Decorations
Nabire WABI - airport fuel depot
Onwards logistics - Papua style
Onwards logistics - Papua style
Papua Highlands in the Freeway
Engineer Jefri vrs GloStix
Engineer Marsel vrs GloStix
Nabire WABI - apron light losing its battle with the jungle
Loading 46 pigs, 100 chickens, 20 ducks and 12 rabbits
Loading 46 pigs, 100 chickens, 20 ducks and 12 rabbits
Livestock in flight - 46 pigs, 100 chickens, 20 ducks and 12 rabbits - the noise and smell was unbelievable
Sugapa - native dancers welcoming a visiting dignitary at the airstrip
Sugapa native dancers lining up to lead the VIP procession into town
Clan MacNabire - the Asian One Air ground crew with bagpipes and Jimmy hats
Nabire - Engineer Marsel striking a Highland Pose as he marshalls us on to the stand
Nabire ground crew
Nabire - our Engineers Marsel, Jefri and Mellie
Sling load under Ukraine crewed, Moldova registered Mil8
The Beast of Bilogai
Dubai Mall - Aquarium

Dubai Mall - The Waterfall
Enroute to Timika WABP - the Enaro Gap with cloud covered Paniai Lakes (water elevation 5800 ft) 
Starting descent into the lowlands...passing Gunung Deiyai mountain (elev 11,000 ft)
Enroute to Timika WABP - lowland jungle
Crowded Timika WABP maintenance base
Mimika district flora
Mimika district flora
Mimika district resident
Mimika district resident
Mimika district flora
Mimika district flora
Mimika district flora - Pandan Tree
Mimika district flora
Timika Hotel 66
Timika - village loco who followed us around for two hours
Mimika district flora
Mimika district flora and residents
Mimika district flora
Nabire WABI - pedestrian heading for the runway
Nabire WABI - abandoned aircraft being reclaimed by the jungle
Westbound in a cloudy Freeway at 10,500 ft - Lake Paniai (elev 5800 ft) and Gunung Deiyei (11,000 ft) in the distance
Our Avionics Engineer Jefri's birthday - post-soaking/spraying
Birthday-boy Jefri contemplating life as a helicopter flies into his ear
Jefri (soaked, sprayed and flour-ed) beckoning me closer before unleashing shaving foam
Cruising the Freeway enroute to Mulia at 9,500 ft
Poor pic...but it gives an idea of scale : MAF Quest Kodiak manoeuvring below
Unloading 1200 kg of frozen chickens in Mulia WAJM
Cloudy day in the Freeway
Our Laundry Service shack.....
...our favourite Laundress
Nabire's Supermarket and Department Store....the Lucky
Rushhour at the fuel pumps.......
Nabire - van for hire
Refuelling in the rain
Papua - the jungle wall
Papua - the jungle wall

Birthday Cake
Birthday Cake
Nabire Beach
Nabire Beach - see Lesson of the Day
Nabire Beach
Car wash . . . Papua Style
Bilogai - blown tyre
Bilogai - blown tyre . . . unloading the cargo
Bilogai - blown tyre . . . repairs
WABI Nabire - the fire engine was chasing people and dogs off the runway
Papua highlands
Papua highlands - Bilogai / Sugapa airstrip
Papua highlands - spiders
Papua highlands - 4 m wide spider's web
Papua highlands
Papua highlands
Nabire - shop on left where I buy my mobile phone vouchers
Nabire - one of many Christian churches
Nabire - my favourite Kambing (goat) restaurant . . . with tomorrow's dinner keeping fresh
Nabire - main Mosque . . . still under construction
Nabire - our favourite seafood restaurant beside polluted river
Nabire - shops and health warning billboard
Nabire - when you just can't get enough palm trees . . . put in a fake one !

Scenic Sinak - with boulder on the runway
Poor pic - but gives an idea of the cloud buildup at midday in the Freeway
Hotel staff at their best changing a lightbulb
...if not one way, then another
Outside the perimeter of Sinak airstrip, escorted by my BFs who always ask to be in the picture
Sinak airstrip perimeter...flag that establishes a presence and works as a windsock
Nabire - Engineer Marcellinus' birthday soaking
Nabire - Engineer Marcellinus' birthday
Nabire office - Company Parrot
"Shy Francis" - the leaves close up instantly when touched
Heaven - pasta and sauce without sugar and spices
Delayed departure : PK-LTF bird's nest in right wing
Crew hotel in Nabire - note open sewers either side of road
Mahavira Hotel, Nabire
Sinak - tonight's dinner keeping fresh
Chief Pilot Mark's birthday surprise - our local colleagues thought the self-relighting candles were hilarious
Mark's birthday surprise - trip to the beach
Nabire beach - bloodwarm water
Nabire beach - our Engineers and Ground Crew
Nabire beach - selfie with our Engineer Marcellinus
Nabire beach - recently dead turtle's head
Nabire beach - Asian One Air crew
Nabire beach
Nabire beach
Map of Local Area and recent destinations (1st attempt)
In formation with DimonimAir's Caravan PK_HVA
When pilots get bored returning from Bilogai with a light load (yes...I did make vroom-vroom noises)
Map of Indonesia (1st attempt)
6:30 AM - Rushhour at Bilogai airstrip (elevation 6950 ft)
Unloading at Bilogai / Sugapa airstrip
Sinak airstrip - my new best friends who are trying to look fierce but can't stop laughing (food parcel by wheel)
Breakfast break at 8 AM as the aircraft is loaded in Nabire for another run to Sinak (hiding in the shadow in 29 degrees heat)
Our 'Ticketing Agents' organising the 'BackLoad' PAX
The only way to Papua
Anthill in my hotel room - Nabire
Jakarta to Nabire via 6 hour stop in Ambon - 36 hours without sleep
Arrival in Nabire - you want your bag...get it yourself
First training flight to Sinak - cargo IN passengers OUT
Sinak - everything becomes very real. Rough runway 650 m, elevation 6700 ft, temperature 20 degrees...with obstacles

Overnight stay in Biak while the aircraft is weighed

Biak - West Irian Hotel
Biak flora
Biak flora
Biak flora
Biak - the Indonesian hotel room : aircon, Mecca arrow, Low Energy Light....and lizards (not visible)
Biak battlefield relics in the jungle above the airport (see post entry Sun20Apr14 for historical detail)
Biak battlefield - munitions
Biak battlefield - Japanese helmet
Biak battlefield - Japanese mess tin
Biak battlefield - fallen Japanese soldier
Biak caves - where 2000 Japanese made their last stand
Biak - entering the cave system
Biak - main cave where the final bomb struck
Biak - bomb crater in the main cave system
Biak - bomb crater seen from above
Biak battlefield - Japanese artillery overlooking the invasion beach where the airport is today
Biak airport - Space Shuttle alternate landing zone with Japen island in the background (Papua lies beyond)

Jakarta Office

View from the office - monster CB at least 50 NM distant
Asian One Air
Asian One Air