Indo Tour 4

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End of Tour 4
Cloudy Papua Freeway - manoeuvring at 11,500 ft
Quid enim dices ?
Highland landing roll (plus dog)
Papua - working our way through a cloudy Freeway
WAYB Bilorai - breaking off the approach from right base as cloud moves across finals
Cloudy Freeway
Passing opposite traffic over a cloud-filled Freeway
Daytrip to waterfalls along the Kalis Lugara and Negari - road in
Fish farm along Makini Road
The last two kilometers to the pool on the Kali Negari ...walk through the river
....and along a jungle path
Pool and small waterfall in the middle of the jungle on the Kali Negari the throes of jungle fever
Along the jungle path by the Kali Negari
Walking back through the Kali Lugara
Jungle wall along the Kali Lugara
Offset short finals for runway 09 at Bilorai (elev 6960')
Strange light effect - the sun is rising BEHIND us
Still from rearward facing GoPro - departing WABI Nabire runway 34
Still from GoPro - Nabire
Still from GoPro
Plateau between coast and West Papua highlands
Turning finals at 7400 ft over the KP key point (Blue-Red-Blue buildings)
Departing empty from WAYB Bilorai - so climbing well !
Asian One Air C208B Caravan PK - LTF landing Nabire
The jungle wall east of Nabire
West Papua, Indonesia
Dog on the runway at Nabire
Normality at Papua's airports at the end of the school day
Camcorder stills with some PhotoShop - our Caravan descending into the heat mirage 
Another normal day for Papua's airports
Trigana Air ATR taking off from Nabire
School's out !
AMA Pilatus Porter departing Nabire
Our favourite trees on short final at Nabire
Sunrise captured by our Engineer Melli
Camcorder Still - our Caravan on Runway 34 at WABI Nabire in 38 degree heat
Camcorder Still - our Caravan lifting through the mirage of the 38 degree morning temperature
'BattleChicken' Galactica - fighting cocks which are often worth more than the rest of the cargo
GoPro Movie Still - working our way around Bilorai in bad weather
GoPro Movie Still - landing at Bilorai in the rain
Pantai Pasir Putih - mangrove beach
Pantai Pasir Putih - tree in a tree
Pantai Pasir Putih - our Engineer Marsel trapping pufferfish in the surf
Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sands Beach)
Our Avionics Engineer Jefri at his best
GoPro Movie Still - tyre smoke on landing at WAYL Ilaga (elev 7500')
GoPro Movie Still - departing WAYL Ilaga (elev 7500')
AscoNusa C208A without Cargo Pod in the Freeway
AscoNusa C208A in the Freeway at 10,500 ft
Our Caravan as seen by AscoNusa in the Freeway at 10,500 ft
GoPro Movie Still - our Ground Crew trying to fit 1000 kg of slippers into the aircraft
GoPro Movie Still - unloading at Bilorai
Counting fuel filler caps - ours were all still there

GoPro Movie Still - Vx climb after departing Bilorai RWY09 with a very light load

GoPro Movie Still - departing Bilorai RWY27
Insect removal - not easy when the water evaporates out of the soapsuds before you get the chance to wipe

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